Dancing Fern

tfw 5d8 Damage from 10 Feet Away


Tabaxi Warlock of the Great Old One


Although mostly silent, Dancing Fern is always thinking about where the road will lead him next.

The Great Old Ones bless this Tabaxi with the power of a tentacled flail, the intimidating ability of deep speech, and some nasty spellcasts.

Stolen away by the Blood of Vol, Dancing Fern awoke on the cult’s airship and escaped with his compatriots, but not before making a few cultists soil themselves out of fear. Before the Council of Sharn he insulted Javan, one of the most popular members on the council.

The Keeper of Odyssey will have many stories to tell once this adventure is over, some may inspire greatness, while others – fear.

Dancing Fern

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