Dimble Durgle



Forest Gnome Artificer with an Alchemist’s Satchel


Crude, short, and the bane of any ear near him, DImble Durgle is a seemingly harmless gnome in over his head. Underneath this facade is an intelligent, caring, and animal-loving prodigy in alchemy and alcohol-tasting.

Kidnapped by the Blood of Vol and found unconscious near their airship’s crash, Dimble awoke upon the Halycon, and set to work at pissing off anyone near him. While addressing the Council in Sharn, insults and obscenities flung from the artificer’s mouth just as much as he flings vials from his satchel.

In combat, Dimble throws fire and acid at his opponents from afar, pausing only to assist his allies with a healing vial or two.

The Keeper of Revelation has some curiosities to explore, maybe more than he is ready for.

Dimble Durgle

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