Amarant Nox

Er'avaneru, One WIthout Death


Chaotic Evil Human of the Blood of Vol


Our heroes woke up to a dark room, quickly invaded by a menacing figure. Fueled by rage and blood, he nearly breaks through the nearby walls after being infuriated by the player’s incompetence. His own blood dripping off of his gauntlet, he sentences the players to death.

Not long after, the players met the Amarant aboard the air ship they were kidnapped on, on the main deck. Amarant seemed invincible, taking devastating blow after crippling hit, eventually leading him to be hanging off of the ship. The last the players saw of him, he had cut his own arm off after yelling “The Lady will not see me die on this day!”

A few days later, in the City of Sharn, they encountered Amarant again, this time with a metal arm and discolored skin sewn to his face. He claimed he had been helped by a one of the Council to get his cultists into the city, and teleported away.

Amarant Nox

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